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07.23.2017 - We are Officially in our SOFT OPEN stage! Players and Characters are welcome, and positions are up for grabs, along with our Canon characters. Come join us both on the boards and in our Discord Channel!

06.30.2017 - The progress in building the site has been slow, but we didn't intend for a quick up time. The LEXICON is slowly filling out, and a few of our detailed looks are shaping up. Shop Item's are starting to filter in. We are now looking at trying to build PLOT so if you have any plots you definitely want to be involved in, now is an excellent time to start building some roots!

06.03.2017 - We have started a new adventure, and we do not know where it will lead. May the Archangel's watch over us all.
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Guild Hunters : Cairns Chapter
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