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Description: CHAPTER ONE

The Fates


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The UnbalancingA slow spiral into chaos

What you know about the Real World is only as Real as you are willing to delve into it. Humankind dismisses the supernatural, the magical and the unexplained. Even those that do speak of it are dismissed as 'touched', crazy or insane. Simple minds can not expand to understand powers larger, more powerful, than itself.

But you are no simple mind. Your eyes are starting to open, or maybe.. they are already wide open.

Wizards, Werewolves, and Vampire, oh my! These are just the shadows that bump in the night, with darker and more nefarious things to keep even the most vicious of vampires a real fear of the dark. Demons, Angels and lazy Gods that like to poke fun for the joy of a laugh. There are depths and mystery hidden behind any corner of your life, and in this City of Broken Dreams is once of many convergences of such powers where the tipping point into chaos is a fickle thing.

And what a fickle thing chaos is. Violence brews below the surface and the very impervious and stubborn of races, Humankind has grown more nad more violent. A violence that manifests in more than just shootings and assault. Combustion, rabid violence, bloodlust. The infected are growing and spreading into the mortal realm while the supernatural find the exposure very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to get into bed with their natural enemies.

Naturally, the government is useless. The task of saving mankind now falls on you.

That is IF you care enough to help.

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