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DINING & RESTAURANTS / Re: Coffee Shoppe Aroma Therapy
« Last post by Amelia Clark on February 18, 2019, 05:55:55 PM »

Amelia really loved her work, she knew that there were about a dozen other things that she could do that would be deemed more 'helpful to society' or something strange like that but she didn't care, she loved making coffee and with the hand she had been dealt in life she was going to take whatever happiness she could. It was just her happiness came in making a good cup of coffee or tea instead of making it big in the world. Amelia just wanted to have her peace and quiet and when she finished her shift at work she just wanted to go home and be left in alone so that she could do her own work, work that she could never really tell anyone about. Her boss knew of course, but it wasn't something that she just went out and told everyone.

Getting up that morning Amelia quickly put on some clothes and threw her bun in a hair before heading into work. She liked to keep her hair out of her face and she knew that she had to be careful with her hair and serving food. It was mostly just what she preferred though, she would flip between having it down so that she could hide behind it or she would have it up and out of her way. It really honestly depended on what she felt when she woke up, and today was just one of those days where she was feeling a little bit more confident.

The morning rush had come and gone, but Amelia knew that there would still be a lot to get through and she was ready for it, so when she heard the door open she looked up as she watched a lady walk in, cleaning off the glass she had in her hand before moving to the counter. "Welcome to Lunar Bean! Of course we do, are you a fan of coffee or tea?" There was a lot that she could offer her so she knew that she needed a bit more to go on before she did anything.


DINING & RESTAURANTS / Coffee Shoppe Aroma Therapy
« Last post by Alessa Anabi on February 13, 2019, 07:00:34 PM »
Chocolate brown hair shone in the sun the lazy curls bouncing as she walked up to the doors of the shop she had heard of through the grapevine. Supposedly this shop had amazing coffee and a good atmosphere about it in general. She pushed the door open and was pleasantly surprised when there wasn't the assault of some electronic bell or chime. She looked around the shop finding the setting rather cozy and welcoming the lighting giving it a warmer vibe than most of the harshly lit franchise coffee shops in the city. Clad in a high end pair of slacks, slightly stretchy black fabric and paired with it was a silk blouse dye a deep golden brown color. Her right hand sported a platinum ring with Anubis' head on it and a golden ankh set into that platinum. Her lips were dyed a dark matte red with some basic eyeliner to keep from looking like she was caked in makeup. A pair of black three inch heels rounded out the outfit adding a little more bounce to her already voluptuous build.

Heels clicking on the floor as she walked up to the counter a smartphone clasped in her left hand that doubled as her wallet. She smiled at the woman, "Hello there, I've heard good things about this shop's coffee. Anything you would recommend that doesn't have chocolate in it?" she asked this in a warm tone. She didn't lean on the counter but checked her phone since it had chimed while she was speaking to the woman, it wasn't anything important other than a payment for her last mediation job. Forcing the phone back to the lock screen she turned her full attention back to the woman and could have sworn she heard something hiss at her.
ENTERTAINMENT & ART / Re: A Fateful Restart
« Last post by Amelia Clark on February 13, 2019, 06:32:25 PM »

Conversation with Conor was oddly easy, Amelia actually enjoyed the time that she had spent with him so far and while she didn't know if it would go any further than tonight, for now, she was at least looking forward to seeing where tonight went. So far there was just these ease about them, she hadn't felt this comfortable around anyone in a while not this natural ease anyway. It was one of those rare things, like finding your niche in magic but she couldn't exactly make that comparison to him, that would just make him really think that she was crazy, and she had gotten enough of that over the years.

"A calling? Well, it's a very unique one." Not that Amelia was about to judge, if anything she was the furthest from judging as she possibly could be. When it came to weird professions, she probably was the weirdest out of them both, at least he was just human, he didn't have to worry about the supernatural or anything. It almost would have been nice to live in that bliss, to not think about everything that was going on behind the scenes, but Amelia wouldn't give her magic up for anything, it was a huge part of who she was. Smiling as he went on to explain that for him, it was a huge puzzle it actually made sense and oddly enough, it made her want to see him solving one of these puzzles. "I think most TV is far too exaggerated, there is a small list of shows I watch." Of course, she was also busy with other things but given the option, she would rather curl up with a good book than watch TV.

Looking up at him as he spoke she gave him a soft smile and nodded, she had been lucky to find her passion and what she was good at but it wasn't like she could go screaming it from the rooftops either. "I think if you stop looking for new things that you're interested in you stop living." While Amelia had found her niche, it didn't stop her from playing around within that niche. She loved experimenting and figuring out different things she could do. It was simply what made her happy and she knew that she deserved some sort of happiness. Pushing her plate aside Amelia stood up, giving him a smile as she used her napkin to wipe off her hands. "Sure, I'd like that. But remember, you have to let me win." Her smile widened just a little bit more as she spoke, feeling more confident and at ease with each passing moment.

DINING & RESTAURANTS / Re: Afternoon at the Fire and Ice Tearoom
« Last post by Tabitha Rook on February 10, 2019, 07:34:16 PM »

Tabitha weighted over the information that the tea barista? - is it really a barista if they are just serving tea? She felt a need to look that up on her phone but decided to wait before actually entertaining the thought. The first sounded lovely, the combination of rose and honey one of her favorite ever since Mom and Dad brought back a rare tea back from their last trip to Japan. However, it was still early in the afternoon and she wouldn't mind a proper pick-me-up with the caffeine. But a good Rose tea was hard to turn down. Leaning over the counter she smelled them both and gave a throating sigh of pleasure because both smelled amazing!

Tapper her lip thoughtfully, not quite sure what to make the decision for the woman that was just served spoke up and made an excellent suggestion but in the most unique accent, she had heard in a long time!

"I think, the Blackberry Tea. Please?" Looking into her purse for a moment and at the pricing of the scone and tried not to feel too disappointed that she couldn't afford both without using her nearly capped credit card. A proper lunch would have to wait until she got home. Smiling warmly at the woman, "Thank you! You, by the way, have the most fascinating accent! Might I ask, where are you from? I just love to collect different accents." Tabitha tried not to mimic the accent on queue, feeling she needed to listen to it more to really get the cute's and variations in her words and tones just right. Either way, Tabitha couldn't wait to do a small recording with it for possible future auditions.

NIGHTLIFE / Re: The Call of the Sanguine
« Last post by Carraidhin Glass on February 10, 2019, 12:58:10 AM »

She sat with an air of royalty, the seat her throne and not a chair, she gave a wave of her hand that gestured for him to pour her a glass. Enhanced senses told her exactly what he was pouring and just how rare the vintage was. Carraidhin has to admit to herself that on this front she was charmed by his effort. Although it was strikingly obvious that he was a blend of both the old and new, defaulting to older familiar rules of engagement over the casualness that Carraidhin would see in the more mortal employee's that served under her. Though the expected niceties that are observed between two vampires in a formal business meeting it was very clear to her by his verbiage that he was still a painfully young vampire. It was not his fault. Being of the Ruby Court also may not have been his fault but not everyone could be in the Opal Court either. Carraidhin still felt resentful that she did not gain all the powers of her Sire, but having the power to be part of a brand new Court, back then anyway, was little to blink at either.

She did not accept the drink from his hand. She waited for him to set it down before she spoke. Something only connoisseurs knew. All wines must have time to breathe. "Ex'xi'che spoke highly of you." Carraidhin started. Her voice tonation little different from before, of course, holding no notes of displeasure or aggression, let alone the frustration and anger she already felt for having to even come here in the first place. Giving him a moment to know just who it was that sent her to his little, underrepresented law firm. She watched him with her bright green eyes, watching the human reactions that only the very old have mastered to hide.

"You see, I have a small problem that is picking away at my business. It is small and attempting to go unnoticed but only a good business owner would leave such things alone. It is slowly eating through both my profit margin and my resources. Resources that are available to those like us." It was then that the glass floated flawlessly up from the table and into her hand comfortably raised upon the armrest of the chair. Simple magic that Carraidhin no longer thought about in immortal presence. "Ex'xi'che, unfortunately has a similar problem. Now I understand that you are a lawyer, but according to Ex'xi'che, you have a gift for bleeding out the truth. The truth that is not so easily found in our way of life. Is this true?" Her eyes narrowed but a fraction, catching even a hint of surprise or fear, or guilt. He has no scent of her kind on him or within this place but a scent can easily fade with the passing of hands.

DINING & RESTAURANTS / Re: Scratching the Proverbial Itch
« Last post by London Asche on February 10, 2019, 12:24:55 AM »

London was beginning to find Nathan fascinating in a dangerous way, but a part of her felt a familiar brokenness to him yet completely unrelated to anything she had ever gone through. While his growth in life left him the learned feeling of solidarity, it was experience that taught her much of the same. She felt for him, though. He clearly craved a more intimate connection or else he would not be sitting across from her in her home. She sipped her tea with a thoughtful nature as she listed to him.

"This may be a bit forward, but. . ." She paused, setting her tea in her lap with a look at him and around at his aura like before. It swirled with much the same colors so she could not read more than she already had. "It sounds like you are trying to fill that human connection gap in your life. I can't say that I have made the best decisions in my life but at least I can speak from heartbreak." and a mother's love for a child. "Is that what you are, looking for advice on? Not the heartbreak, of course. But ..." London felt the itch to go to her cards, but she wasn't going to initiate that with another magic user without permission or invite.

INTRODUCTIONS / Re: Vigil's Intro Blurb
« Last post by Seraphim on February 09, 2019, 12:01:02 PM »
I'm sorry to hear about your wife, but a noble work and I'm sure deeply appreciated. That is love!

Welcome to the lazy chaos! :D
INTRODUCTIONS / Vigil's Intro Blurb
« Last post by Vigil on February 09, 2019, 11:27:02 AM »
VigilUSA | GMT-6 (CST)

Hello, I'm a male and use he/him pronouns, hey you works too though. I'm 31 until later this year. I'm a live-in-caregiver for my wife who has MS which means my posting times can vary a bit. While not biologically mind I have two teenage children living with me as well. Any of the subjects I won't write are covered by the site's ToS/Rules except that I'm not able to write MxM romance/sexual pairings.

DINING & RESTAURANTS / Re: Afternoon at the Fire and Ice Tearoom
« Last post by Ynis Brackenridge on February 05, 2019, 05:37:24 PM »
The Selkie watched the exchange between the new customer and Driscoll.  People watching was totally a thing for Ynis.  Having grown up in a very small community where most of the people they dealt with they'd known their entire lives, she'd been fascinated the first time she'd traveled to a major city and observed people in anything but a small village setting where everyone lived in each other's pockets more or less.  Humans were weird about personal space, she'd learned over the years, depending on what culture you were visiting.  Where some might greet each other with a kiss on the cheek, in another city that might be considered a horrible breach of personal space.

She had always thought Driscoll was very careful and aware of personal space, he'd always been very careful with her at first, very careful not to touch strangers from what she could see, and it had taken her a good six months of knowing him before he wouldn't flinch at a brush of her hand against his.  But fae were odd creatures.

Ynis snorted at the teashop owner when he raised his brow at her.  She had her own opinions of the teas here, but since she frequented the place four or five days a week, she supposed she could give her opinion. 

She took a long sip of her own tea first as the scent wafted to her nose before she replied with her own two cents.

"For the afternoon, I'd suggest the blackberry jam," she told Tabitha with a faint smile.  "Try that with some of the mini vannilla scones, they set off the flavor nicely, sort of like a berries and cream thing.  Or if you prefer muffins, the spice cake muffin is just sweet enough to go well with it without being overly sweet."

Now, it might be considered rude to interject yourself into someone else's conversation, but since Driscoll had given her the go-ahead...

@Tabitha Rook
DINING & RESTAURANTS / Re: Afternoon at the Fire and Ice Tearoom
« Last post by Driscoll Barclay on February 05, 2019, 05:17:35 PM »
Driscoll took an assessing look at the dark haired woman before him as he handed Ynis an earthenware mug.  He detested giving paper cups to those who ordered in, and insisted on good, strong earthware dishes for both the food and drinks he served in his Tearoom.  He glanced once over at the array of large tea tins on the shelves behind him and gave a sharp nod before pulling two tins down and setting them on the counter before Tabitha. 

"Since nutty is out, I might suggest something a bit more floral," he replied.  It also depends on if you wanted something caffinated or if you're looking at something for more flavor than caffeine.  My personal favorite is the Honey Prosecco."  He opened the tin labeled honey prosecco and carefully tilted the lid so that he could gently waft the flavor of the tea to Tabitha.  Honeydew melon, rose petals, sunflow blossoms, honey hints.  Flavor is a bit like honey wine without the alcohol or potency.  It's an herbal tea, so no caffeine."|  He set that tin aside and then opened the second, again wafting the scent so that Tabitha could get a sense of it.  "If you want something with caffeine, then perhaps something a bit more fruity.  This one is called Blackberry Jam.  It's a black tea, so highest caffeine any tea will have, but it's fruity.  We've got a couple more with a fruit base if you are interested."

He was aware that one might be overwhelmed by the array of tea that the Tearoom carried, all loose leaf.  Driscoll wouldn't be caught dead serving bagged tea in the Tearoom.  That was one thing he had insisted upon when he'd opened the place.  The tea they served at Starbucks was bagged, as it was in many other coffee shops around the city.  The Fire and Ice Tea Room specialized in tea, and only tea.  He refuse to even consider selling coffee since there were a thousand other places you could get that around the city, but few places you could get an actual good tea.

He could see his regular patron watching, and arched one fine red brow at Ynis before gesturing to indicate perhaps she could give her own recommendation to the woman.  He had served Ynis with pretty much every tea selection available in the shop at one point or another. 

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