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LORE OVERVIEWCreating Cohesive Lore and Characters

  ★ About Hunters RPG ★  
When starting Hunters, the focus by far was building a community of writers that just enjoy writing all sorts of silly things. From high drama, murder, mayhem to romance and the fantastical. Something that at times can feel rather lonely when doing it alone. While the genre of the site is "Urban Fantasy", it wouldn't be fair to also add "Modern", "Romance", "Thriller", "Mystery" and "Paranormal" into the mix. Because we are all those things too. Not one for the stereotypical genre-box, keeping an open mind allows for new and inventive idea's which allows us to claim our 'sandbox' setting and our more 'original' lore within a more versatile world.

That being said, like all worlds, there are rules. While not all the rules are hard and unyielding, there is some set into place with the intent and purpose of keeping the world both balanced and imbalanced. Gods that rule are truly gods of unparallel power, while the mundane is just as squishy as you and me in our own real world. The intent is to allow that 'unfairness' in the power structure to hold weight storywise much like how our new characters start on their own journeys are fallible and can be broken when they try to step too far outside their own little circles. Though doing so can also gain them rewards, which is what can balance out the supposed 'unfairness' of the power structure.

  ★ Mundane and the Magical ★  

When it comes to the magical, first you must understand why there are the Mundane. Mortal humans of no power or strength outside the ordinary. As far as anyone knows. While there are unique individuals even among them, it is important to note that a Mundane mortal will only ever be mundane. A mundane has not been touched by a god. They have not been empowered by a demon. And they must not ever know that the supernatural exists. Why? Because those more powerful have willed it into the world for it to be so. Ages ago when Mortals believed and touched the Immortal, bad things happened. Zealous and dangerous things that befell both mortal and the immortal, for gods, cannot live without worship of some kind. Technology was held back, and even the demons fled from the chaos.

No. The Mundane Human must not ever know about the world the magical live in. And so there is a parallel world that many live between. The mundane you and I know as "real life", and the other world where vampires can really fuck up your shit, and witches curses are avoided vehemently. With Technology finally advancing to a state where most mundane humans can explain anything away with science, it has become a moot point. After all, the status quo of the magical still sustains a higher standard of living regardless of the Mundane claims to power.

Naturally, "Magic" is an all-encompassing term used in it's broadest of forms. Take it with the intent that it means, even if -say- vampires are powered by demon blood, not magic. It's still inherently magical in comparison. The intent of its use is most important.

  ★ Building a Race ★  

When building a new Race that coexists with all the others, it is important to know of two basic facts. Magic of any kind will elevate a MUNDANE to AWARE or TOUCHED, with the exception of the magic being attached to an item or craft and not to the actual individual. This is why Hunters, Alchemists and even those who start as mundane in the witch and wizarding world are still referred to as Mundane. A Mundane witch can still practice magic, but it takes the magic of being Touched for there to really be any power beyond personal belief.

The same applies to the Gods. Gods, in general, have unlimited power. Even among themselves, there are some that hold higher levels of strength to those below it, but not even the power of an EMPOWERED can touch the more infinite power of a God. Creating races that require various limitations in their work may never become Gods, much like some races can never be Mundane because they are created by some element of Magic. When writing a race, or subrace, it is important to keep this type of limitations and terms in mind.

But like all things, there are exceptions, especially in the GODLY realm of infinite possibilities. A Gaelic Witch has risen to be the Morrigan and Goddess of Death. It is not impossible for such things to befall even the most mundane of creatures through stories. That is what brings me to my next topic.

  ★ Building a Character ★  

Characters are built on three different important facts: Personality, Power & Race. While this isn't the limit of a character it certainly will help you determine where you want to start. Most often a Personality can come in at any time, so lets shift over to Power. Power of a character is defined in our POWER LEVEL tab which will help you determine just how much awareness your character may have of the supernatural. MUNDANE know next to nothing of the supernatural (with obvious exceptions), while the TOUCHED tend to feel superior to the MUNDANE and are likely to get their asses handed to them by those who are BLESSED or EMPOWERED.

How do you break down the POWER LEVEL in this case? Think of it this way. Characters like Anita Blake who know of the Supernatural and have a touch of power to raise the dead in the first book would sit comfortably in TOUCHED. Harry Dresden likely sits in the BLESSED at the start of his series, already having a large familiar understanding of the supernatural and his own powers. Harry Potter, on the other hand, was likely an AWARE because of the slight touch of magic he was aware of even if he wasn't introduced to the magical world until he was 11. As each book series progresses so do their powers grow. Creating a character on HUNTERS is much the same way power-wise. You are starting on Chapter One of your character's story and how they grow is up to you.

Keeping that in mind, when it comes to race, it is VERY important that you read through all of them. Some races are able to pull perks and flaws from others, while some are wholly unique to itself. Moreover, as we build our more internal culture, more information will be added as we grow and develop more of our characters. Which is why when you start building your characters and decide on a race it is a good idea to read through the Biographies of characters already approved in any given race that you are interested in playing. While not all characters may know each other, chances are they could know 'of' them, especially those of a higher power level may have more notoriety in their given race.

The important thing to take away from all this is, don't feel that you need to be alone in starting your character. We all like our lone wolfs, but the point of a Roleplay Community is to actually interact with each other. Otherwise, we may as well be writing fanfiction. Join our Discord Chat, meet the other players and start tossing character ideas. Sometimes that quirky personality fits really well with being friends with another Player's character.

There may be a lot of information, and a lot to read. It's like a Players Handbook, only it's written by just about everyone! Trust us, we can help!

  ★ Perks and Flaws ★  

The truth is, when it comes to perks and flaws, most of it is story flare. You get little shinies in your character's profile, and sometimes you can tout that demon curse to an early grave, or sing about a bond with a soul mate. Like all good characters, it's about the story. We do believe that when it comes to stories, the best ones have flaws. Strengths. Perks. Weaknesses.

While most races can and do, pull from the Human set of perks and flaws, each Race has its own set of unique perks and flaws to choose from. Some that come standard with that race, with added choices. Others with long long lists of powers you can simply add onto. Be sure to read CAREFULLY through the Power Levels tab and familiarize yourself with the rules we expect to see in our more powerful characters.