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This wasn't a hike
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Ataius's Day Off?
Even if it was nearly ninety-five degrees out, Ataius was in his black hoodie that covered most of his upper body. It honestly was better than his literal scaly skin. Well, mostly scaly skin. It wasn't like he was a snake or reptile or anything. If only he were that lucky. Ha... luck, yeah right. Besides, ninety-five degrees was nothing. Ataius couldn't understand why people complained about this heat. It was basically winter compared to his home. Humans had nothing to compare it to, he supposed.

Still, it was no reason for them to be so grumpy. Especially for those who chose to be out here. LIke the tall, muscular, blonde male who was currently running down the dirt path with no shirt on; clearly exercising to keep up on his physical appearance. Ataius couldn't figure out if it was because 1) the male didn't want anyone else on the dirt path, 2) the male didn't like the color black, 3) the male didn't like other males who weren't physically fit, or 4) the male was just thatgrumpy; but Ataius was next found on the ground with his bum covered in dirt and dust. His brow creased in confusion and he looked up to the now very tall male, who was breathing rather heavily.

"That's what you get you freak!" the male shouted, much louder than was necessary considering how close the two were in this not crowded area. Atiaus's confusion grew. Was this a human custom that he had yet to learn? Perhaps one of this century that was new? He tilted his head as he contemplated this new situation, not knowing how to handle this male before him.

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Coming along the trail he did so at a solid walking pace. He enjoyed the sunnier Californian climate. He didn't like running as much as some of his colleagues did in their spare time but a good walk really was something he could enjoy and especially since the city was new to him. He liked picking a different part of it to walk each days off and had found some pretty awesome places. In this case the path was largly unremarkable but with the heat being as it was he was okay with this as it gave him a good excuse to wrap up his hike sooner rather than later and maybe even take a trip back down to that cafe he'd discovered on his last night shift before that grizzly homicide.

He wore his under armor shirt and khaki cargo shorts., his running shoes, a pair of sunglasses and a cap. He'd left his headphones at home which normally would've bothered him and, indeed it had but had it not he'd not have heard, "That's what you get freak!" coming from the track slightly lower down the hill from him. Looking down to the track just down the slope he saw a figure in black laying on the ground with a large possibly roided up guy standing over him. So much for his days off.

Yelling down at the guy raging at the guy in black, "Hey, buddy! LAPD. You want to leave that guy alone or you want a night in the cells?" he said stepping down the slope towards the guy but making sure to keep enough distance incase 'Drax the Destroyer' decides to react against him.



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As Ataius looked up at the man who had stopped his run to yell randomly, he thought to himself that perhaps this big city just wasn't meant for him. Then again, if people were randomly raging then perhaps the depression rate was higher also, which meant the demon could feed his never-ending hunger. If a human had a conscious at all, they would eventually feel guilty for their anger which in turn would lead to a meal for Ataius.
This inner thought chain was interrupted by another man who claimed to be from the police department. Well shit. This could end badly for everyone involved.
"I ain't doing nothing to him!" the blonde man growled towards the police officer. Ataius looked between the blonde and officer, noticing a slightly nervous air around the latter. If the demon was being completely honest, he was a tad bit nervous also. He took this pause in the action to try to get up and dust himself off, but the blonde seemed to prefer that Ataius stay on the ground because he swept the demon's legs from under him.
"You stay down there or I'll put you there permanently," the blonde snarled with too much hate and anger for not even knowing a single person in this situation. Ataius took a great sigh and laid on his back, finally showing annoyance towards the blonde.
"You seem very upset about something that has nothing to do with me. How about you leave and figure that out on your own?"the demon's voice was a tad bit bored but was laced with an undertone that suggested it wasn't a request. Ataius tilted his head towards the officer, an expectant eyebrow raising in a quiet plea for help to end this whole stupid thing that dropped in Ataius's lap. He didn't have a whole lot of faith that this would end with the officer's help, but Ataius hoped he could probably pull off a self-defense move without giving away his true nature to these two humans. He'd give the officer the benefit of the doubt though.

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Watching the large blonde guy sweep the smaller guy back down onto the ground and threaten him Joseph yelled out, "Hey, Brutus! What did I just say?!" moving towards the large muscular blonde guy he reached out his hand and pointed down towards the space between them, away from the victim, "Get your ass on the ground, right now or so help me god I'll have a paramedic be bringing you down off this trail instead of a squad car."

Looking down towards Ataius to make sure he was okay and indeed he seemed to be aside from being exasperated by the whole encounter, Joseph turned back to the big guy and was regretting leaving his gun at home, not thinking he'd need it on a nice day out hiking in the sun. All the same he still advanced on the offender wondering what sparked this off. They didn't seem to know each other so he wondered if it was perhaps drugs or something similar. He couldn't help but hear in the back of his mind, 'come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs' and like John McLean he was presently thinking how life back in New York seemed a hell of a lot more straight forward at times.

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