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Date without the Dead
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"Look, I need to get out of here by 8."

"Yes, I realize that this is a priority but if the guy doesn't get here before I can clock out I'm not waiting."

"No, I'm going to hook up with your mother. Of course, I have a hot date. Or a date. It's a blind date but Kay promised that she was pretty. I don't know about..."

"Yes, I get it, but I'm not canceling. Do you know how hard it is to get a date when asked what I do for a living is "I see dead people'"

"No. I'm not going to describe my job differently. If they can't laugh at that then what's the point?"

"Sure. Yup. Got it. Still not staying late, Sir. And yes, I'm sorry about the comment about your Mother." Not really. Ask a dumb personal question, get a personal inappropriate comment in return. They equate the same in most cases. Yeesh. Women were no objects, mother or blind date.

"Got it. The report will be in your inbox by morning open."


He looked at his cell with a bit of a frown and sighed deep and with a growl. Looking down at the covered body, now mostly processed and just waiting for some investigative cop to come to look at it and to help him fill in a few missing spots. And to ensure that the wrong information doesn't get out. This was a supernatural attack if he ever saw one but it couldn't get out that way. His notations would have to be duplicated and modified for the main database. This was the annoying part of his mundane job. Duplicate work.

"Welp. Guess we better finish this clean up so that you and I can both be properly presented." It was a shame, her features were soft in death, and aside from the viciously torn neck, looked like she was sleeping. And her coloring. The dead always looked dead to him, no matter how much blood they drank. Pulling on another pair of gloves, he started to resume the last of his work now that at least his notations were ready to go.

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The black and white police cruiser pulled up to the fairly well lit parking lot within 5 minutes of the radio call. The car announced itself from a distance, siren dying as the car reached the scene. A second unit arrived almost at the same time from a different direction. The red and blues from the cars remained as from the first unit a dark haired Sergeant in his early 30s got out and pointed to another two officers who appeared from the second car, "Start securing the scene. I want the area taped off and I want you both on the other side of it. If you see anyone around, I want you canvasing. Anyone who even saw or heard anything I want to know about it." Both nodded back, "On it" said the older of the two, an african american officer in his late 30s as he and his younger latina partner popped their trunk and started getting out tape to cordon off the parking lot.

Looking back over to the scene the officer in charge saw a male about his own age and build standing over a sheet laying in roughly the middle of the carpark. He'd seen this sight a hundred times before and started making his way over, "Any smiles he had to dole out before were gone now as he strode across the parking lot which was empty aside from cigarette butts and the occasional tuft of grass that had found it's way through cracks in the concrete.

Crossing to the man who stood before him he greeted him in a formal capacity, "Sergeant Taylor, I'll be officer in charge on this one. What've we got? Callout reported a possible animal attack?" he said as he moved up and around the body getting a lay of the land of the area around the scene. He noted how white the sheet was and that unlike other animal attacks which usually don't happen down town anywhere, there was no mess. Not waiting for an answer  as he moved in, taking the top of the sheet covering the body and pulled it back revealing the pale complexion of the young woman who despite the lack of blood was very much mutilated.

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Conor tipped his invisible hat as the Officer arrived and greeted him. "Over this way." Thankful for the hour that allowed them to move around without too much spectacle. "Found by a co-worker, said it looked like it was done by an animal."

Taking him over to the body, he lifted the sheet to show the damage around the neck. "I have to explore a little more further, but I can tell you that the wound isn't what killed her. Too clean, if you ask me. It is probable that some stray found her after the body was dumped." He tried nto to fill in too much of the blanks. Such as the fact that the face was untouched and frozen in a look of panic and fear. The wounds ridiculously clean despite it's gnarish appearance. No blood, anywhere. Moreso, the fact that the body was drained of all blood was quite unusual for the wound - though not unusual for the area. Not with vampires that run around. They must have gotten sloppy, or there was a heart of some kind nearby.

He pulled out a plastic bag with a wallet in it. "The purse is still by the car, but I pulled this out to help with the identify before things got too crazy." Gloves and all, he wanted to know if she was one of those yuppies that sought out this kind of thing. There were all types out there, but he didn't want to snap to it. "Her name is Yvette Weaver. She works just in the building here, as the night manager, based on what the co-worker said. No emergency contact on her." It was all he got. "Anything else I can help you with? I should get her into cold storage."

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Looking down at her he turned her head to the side to get a better look at the wound, "You got a time of death on her?" He said ignoring the question from the coroner who clearly had somewhere better to be, "Yeah that's no way this was some animal attack. Attack like this, we'd be wading in it. Not a goddamn drop. Looking at her I'd say she had to have been killed elsewhere, and whomever the offender is they've cut up her neck like that to hide the needle wounds or incision that they drained the blood from. Even if it were a post-mortem animal attack, we'd still see chunks of torn flesh around the body." He said standing back up and getting a better view from afar before looking around the lot for anything else out of place.

"The thing I don't get is, if what they took the blood for? Some kind of ritual thing? We had voodoo gangs in New York that were into that kind of thing back in the 80s'." Looking back at the coroner again he asked, "Have you seen anything else come in like this recently? I'm new into town. Please tell me this isn't a common Hollywood occurrence."

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Now came the hardest part of his job, something that should have been an inherited talent given his humor; playing dumb. He scratched the back of his head as if bemused and confused at best despite this being his profession. "If I could wadger a professional guess, 12 hours at least. Takes time to drain that much blood. But this? Had to have happened within the past 6 hours based on the co-worker who had seen her alive prior to that." Not to lean into what he asked about. "Well, I've seen some interesting things and I've only been doing this for.. 10 years? Give or take. Hollywood brings out all the wierdo's, not to mention the 'accidents' that happen on amateur sets."

He folded his arms a little. "Sorry, officer. My job is the body. Circumstances are more your realm of expertise. I can't gather much more without bringing her down to the lab and taking her apart. However, since we know who she is based on the ID, we would need family permission before I can do a full autopsy. California Laws." Or something. He could just her up all he wanted and just stitch her up giving her back. Truth was, this was supernatural and that had it's own set of paperwork. Not to mention this officer was about as muggle as a non-human could be. It was so damn hard to work with cops that didn't know this kind of thing. There was going to be a call to the upper office that would likely get him yelled at for even letting him look at the body at all. They always did and it never mattered.

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"Right." He simply said looking across at the coroner feeling like he was being handed an incomplete 1,000 piece puzzle with only 600 pieces in the box. He looked across the the coroner a moment longer thinking that he wasn't going to be getting any more pieces out of this guy who seemed far too casual about how this doesn't line up. This wasn't right and that should be more unsettling to someone like this character than it clearly was for him.

Looking back down at the body he finally nodded, "Well pack her up then. We'll be in touch once we've had a chance to go over it and contact the family about that autopsy. Something isn't right about this. This isn't a run of the mill murder and it sure as shit isn't an animal attack." he said looking back to the other man. Once you get her back to the lab I want a full work up and I want her gone over with a fine tooth comb right up to the point where you have to officially call it an autopsy. We need as much information as we can get before we start finding others like this." he said motioning with his hand for the coroner to start taking away the body. He knew that the detectives and forensics would be on scene soon and he had a lot of crime scene to go over and a lot of report writing to do before the night was up.

Pulling out his card from a pocket, he reached out offering it to the coroner, "Here's my card" he said, "Let me know if you see anything else strange come across your desk in your travels. Anything odd at all like this I want to know about it. Bite marks, blood loss, unexplained stuff like this that is out of left field." he said wondering if the guy would not just simply throw the card away once he got back to the lab. He'd seen some strange stuff back in New York and if there was one thing he learned this stuff wasn't usually a one off.

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Conor did not hesitate in taking the card from the officer, choosing not to offer him one in return, giving a nod. "As you say, Officer. I'll do what I can within the law of what I am allowed to do." Not intentionally challenging the Officer in any way but only to drive home the fact that he was merely a Coronor and could only gain so much information from a dead body. After all, this wasn't a TV show that could give all sorts of clues once the body was broken apart and put back together. Unless there was some kind of heart failure or strange effect from internal injuries that required more than a toxicology report... He kept his features furrowed and focused on the body bag, Conor's real thoughts hidden far beneath the surface. This cop was a good one, but he was better off not knowing any of the things that went bump in the night. They did bad things to good people and it was safer for everyone if this cop was kept in the dark.

Problem was, this was unusual. Even for the crazies. He would have to talk to some of his other Hunters or even the local Witches or Alchemists to see if they knew of such mythology. "A report will be sent on once I've completed what I can. She won't go far, so just fax over any paperwork for further digging if needed." It wouldn't be needed. It was obvious to him what happened. It was the 'what' that was very confusing. What was lurking about LA that would leave such a public display. Vampires, Demons. Other? There were too many options but not enough information.

Yes, it was time to hunt down a little knowledge. "Was that all, Officer?"

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Joseph was again for a moment lost in thought as he looked back down at the body, shuffling all the information around and considering how this all played out. He nodded again, "Yeah.. yeah.. I'll ah... I'll fax the details through to you soon." he repeated back to Connor clearly before writing something in his notebook. "Yeah, look, I appreciate your work. Thanks for your help, I know it's unusual for a coroner to be on scene before a unit but you've gone a tidy job at securing the scene and I'll be sure that my report reflects that. If you're ready to pack up the body, go on ahead with it. We'll continue on with the crime scene around it. I don't think we're getting anything else from her at this juncture."

Looking down at his watch he wondered how far away forensics were, "Oh and I'll need that evidence bag off you" he said in hindsight, thinking back on the wallet and so forth recovered by the coroner. He realized his night was a long way from it's end and this case was going for likely be with him for sometime to come. He'd have to pick through all that with a fine tooth comb and hopefully someone would have some kind of idea just what the hell was going on here. There were too many variables that didn't line up and there were too many puzzle pieces that simply weren't present.

There was no such thing as a perfect murder and in this day and age you couldn't get away with something a bizarre as this and not leave a trace behind the size of the river Delta. Joseph saw an evening ahead of him that consisted of coming a crime scene and going through a lay out and lengthy report back at the station and he'd be back on it again tomorrow when he was back on shift. Hopefully by then a lot less tired and with a bit more direction as to where he needs to be headed. This night sure had taken a strange turn.