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A Little Misguidance
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It was supposed to be a simple trip to the grocery store, but when had these things ever been that simple? From the moment he'd taken a step outside his door, Jason had a feeling of how things would progress through the day. Having to leave Gretel behind - her disposition often found that venturing outside in the company of strangers would set her on edge and in no way to be a good travel companion - he was without much of a guide aside from his walking stick and the assurances of too nosy passersby. The wide-eyed stare that haunted those around him, unseeing as he tap tap tapped along minding his own business. But Jason was used to it, the curious staring. Shouldn't he be wearing sunglasses, like all other blind persons, so as not to offend the sensitivity of those around him? Probably, but he didn't really care about others, now did he?

The list in his hands - rolled up in his fist, really - wasn't much of a list. Just a few words punched in by his sister for him to read off. She could have done this, but he'd opted to do it instead. A hassle, but one that still marked some level of independence that he was stubbornly holding onto. The capability of going to the store was something anyone his age would have. So, despite his disability, he should be able to do the same, right? Sighing and cracking his knuckles, a satisfying pop filling in the ebb of sound from vehicular and pedestrian traffic, he told himself that that sentiment was about right. He couldn't tell if his socks matched or if he was wearing a garishly colored sweatshirt, but he could walk in a supposedly straight line and speak with perfect clarity so there should be no qualms with him being able to find his way to the store.

A problem that always arose, and without fail regardless of how many times he might walk the same way, was being sure he was headed in the right direction. And finding someone with enough patience to assure him of such was like another layer to it. Because who would want to be bothered? But also: who would want to look like an asshole that doesn't help a blind kid out? They could answer, but would have no problem bullshitting him. Or giving him such vague directions that he might as well have not been answered at all.  A horn cut through his thoughts, angry and loud. Too close. Either a light change or he'd walked out into the street and the latter hadn't happened so he assumed the former.

The opportunity to ask anyone was drawing close at hand. He could hear the hushed conversation of someone on a phone, trying to be excited but not too excited to share their business out in public. There was chewing behind him, and to his left the pant of a dog. More than likely, there was a leash attached to an arm attached to a person on that dog. So he would try his luck with a general inquiry, hoping there were more people in the midst of this little congregation at the street corner.  "Would someone be willing to give me directions? It'll only take like a second." A smile, usually a little sheepish, tended to work. Or so he'd found.

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This city was much too busy. All the time. There was never a quiet moment in all of his travels throughout his many walks around here. That was why Travis preferred places like the aquarium or the library or his own office where he had a few artifacts that silenced the noise around him. Unfortunately for Travis, things like food and drink were required for the human body. Especially for someone who exerted his body as much as he did. It would be more helpful to keep food in his apartment but Travis had no way of knowing how long he could be gone and he refused to waste any type of food. So it was an almost daily trip to the same store, the same people always trying to make Travis smile, the same girls not so subtly trying to flirt with him. It wasn't that Travis was unhappy all the time; he was just too caught up in research to care about the outside world. If he didn't have a book in front of him then he was processing the information he had just read.
With an annoyed sigh, Travis walked out of the grocery store and back out towards the Templar headquarters where he had a plan of pasta salad with chicken. As his glasses darkened automatically against the sun Travis walked briskly against the oncoming crowd. A few people bumped into him since they were paying attention to their phones instead of where they were going. It made no sense, in all honesty. What was it about social media that kept these idiots so occupied that they couldn't even walk without having their eyes glued to those damn screens? A mobile phone should be used to make phones calls, needed phone calls, not for such trivial things as seeing what bloody bird your soul is represented by.
"Would someone be willing to give me directions? It'll only take like a second."
Travis slowed his steps slightly, his sharp eyes picking up on a rather timid looking boy standing in the middle of the moving crowds without a care in the world. His head tilted slightly at such odd behavior until he saw a walking stick in the boys hands. Ah, a blind one. Hope it's a natural cause.
Yes, hello. Are you alright?” Travis made it to the boy in a few quick strides, rather like a game of Frogger in order to not cause a ruckus. The boy was about his height, maybe  an inch or two shorter, but in good shape nonetheless. It seemed he could hold his own so Travis wondered if perhaps he was new in town, or perhaps new to this side of town.



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Oh - finally someone that would help him. Jason had suspected he would be left to wander by himself for some time. The uncertainty that furrowed his brows lessened slightly as he turned in the direction of the person speaking to him. A man, perhaps a little taller than he. He didn’t sound old but there wa quite something to be said about sounding old. There were only so many people that did out there, and some who didn’t were likely older than imaginable.

His smile, still small was directed at the man’s - he was guessing it was a man at this point - general direction. The witch could only assume direction as he always did. He could, though, feel the sun on his face and maybe he was supposed to squint so he did, nose scrunching a bit in the process. “Hi - thank you. I just need to be pointed in the right direction to the grocery store.” He could usually find it with just a nudge in the right direction and that was all he was really asking here.

Jason adjusted his hoodie, pulling at one side of it to even it out. Not that it needed to be, but it was a habit and assurance that he could look composed. Or maybe it was just him fidgeting with some excuse packed away mentally to give him allowance in doing so. Regardless, he did and it served only to make his clothing a little more disheveled, one finger rubbing a little too hard on his support cane and his hand still clutching the list.

“I hope I’m not dragging you away from anything important.” Just as fidgeting was a habit, so was this polite small talk. Or, another excuse. He didn’t care what he’d interrupted; he wanted to get something done and people seemed an awful lot more receptive if he appeared helpless and sweet. His sister always said he had a way of looking just that. He liked putting it to use, especially where money was involved. “Again, thank you. I get lost kind of easy.”

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Travis internalized a sigh. While this.... young man clearly had a disability, he was insanely sharp and devious. Travis could only know this because of his heightened senses: he could hear the kids heartbeat, feel his breathing, notice his twitches when he was lying. The hunter quirked an eyebrow and smirked away his annoyance. Thankfully most of Travis's work was done at night, and what projects he could do during the day were hit with dead ends most of the time. Needless to say, he had a bit of time to not only help this young man but also play whatever game the boy came up with.

"I actually just came from there, I'm more than willing to go back and help with whatever you may need. It's a rather big and busy store," Travis offered smoothly, blocking some of the foot traffic that was crowding the two. He shouldered his reusable bag to make his hands a bit more available if needed, making sure he had his receipt handy in case the young stocker decided he became the stores' security for a moment.