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Alicia Petrav


Moving In
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It had been a long week. Finally the last moving truck had arrived though, of course it was with Alicia's most precious posessions... The journals she had kept over the decades she had been alive. Gideon waited on the top step to the townhome she had purchased, ears perked but obeying the command to stay she had given him. The little stub of his tail wagged each time she looked his direction, and she gave a gentle huff of a laugh at his puppy-dog eyes. ”You're certain there were no boxes left in the storage bin?” she asked, for the thirtieth time, the moving gentlemen. It wouldn't do for those precious boxes to go missing, any of them. If she had known about witches, she would have asked for a charm to protect them. However, she was as in the dark to the rest of the supernatural community as she had been about the shifters themselves.

"Yes miss. Positive we got 'em all." the older of the pair tried to reassure her, again. She frowned behind the old fashioned glasses perched on her nose, but nodded. "I'm sorry... I just... These hold several generations worth of family history and are very important to me... I don't mean to be rude but I would be devastated should any go missing. Not to mention have to involve authorities in the matter..."

It wasn't threatening if she didn't actually tell them she'd call the police on them, but she wanted to make her point perfectly clear. She hadn't made it this far without misshap by not covering her tail. Gideon gave a small bark, demanding she pay attention to him and startling the man leaving the front door. Giving a wide, semi genuine, smile to the man she explained, "He's still a puppy, and a little unused to so much moving around you see. Sorry about him." She wasn't but it made things easier on everyone if she soothed nerves. To Gideon she moved, crouching with a happy tone to her voice, "Who's a good boy? Gideon is a good boy! And good boys deserve treats!" she pulled said treat from a pocket, a small kibble treat and let the young dog devour it before something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.



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Jisoo had a certain affinity for dogs.

Jason figured it had to do with the usual appeal - that they were “cute” and energetic in a way that felt like being recharged when you saw it. He liked them for the soft feel of their fur and the warm presence they provided him. But the weight in his hands currently was not that of a dog. It was instead Gretel, feathers still soft and body still warm, but not the same. She didn’t weigh as much as a golden retriever, either. Perhaps that was a plus side, but irrelevant when it came to the squeal that left his sister. He’d been assured that the trio would not be getting any strange looks - this was LA and the weirdest thing on the street wouldn’t be him, by his estimation.

He felt his sister’s hand on his arm, stopping him on the sidewalk as a soft squawk of what was supposed be the word cute left the girl beside him. Whatever breed the dog was, she was hooked and they would be there for an indiscriminate amount of time. The dark haired girl bounded - this was something he was sure of; could hear it in the forceful steps she was taking - up to whoever owned the dog while he stood there with a goose in his arms and looked off supposedly into space, as if he had no interest.

And while he did have some interest, he knew that Gretel wouldn’t forgive him for stepping foot near a canine with her so close. The last thing he needed was for her to throw a fit. He could hear the apprehension that slowed her steps when the realization of what had always been came back to her. And then he didn’t quite care how much Gretel would have to say about things.

One hand out, he felt around for obstacles in front of him and a general direction to follow. It was an awkward moment of fumbling about, fingers stubbing against things he couldn’t identify in his haste to come to his sister’s aid. Soon enough, though, she was coming to his and the pair made their way up the owner of whatever kind of dog had drawn her attention.

“Sorry - my sister really likes dogs. If it’s not a problem, would you allow her to pet yours?” He smiled like he would at anyone else, or at a customer, trying his best not to think too hard about the goose in his arms. He felt the pressure from Jisoo’s hands around his, angled to fit her smaller stature - a little higher; she must have put on something with platforms, or maybe even hit a little growth spurt when he wasn’t paying attention - as she gave his hand a grateful squeeze.

Nathan Dracea


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Nathan made his way slowly down the street. His mind was foggy from lack of sleep. It had been another long night patching up a hunter who had tangled with the wrong quarry. This was becoming a common occurrence of late. It was irritating, but he couldn't ignore his calling as an alchemist specialized in healing.

He rubbed his eyes as he came up to a moving van. This wasn't his neighborhood, so he didn't need to pay too much mind to whomever was moving in. It was none of his business.

What did catch his attention, was the sudden pair that crossed his path, making their way up to the new occupant and her dog. Nathan stopped in his tracks and blinked. It wasn't everyday that you saw someone carrying a goose around. He did see some strange things on a regular basis, but with his tired mind, seeing the goose was enough to give him pause.

He randomly thought about how goose feathers made the best quills, and he was reminded that he need more...

Nathan stood on the sidewalk and watched the exchange. He was mildly curious how the goose would react to the dog.