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Stepping between the Cracks [Halloween Themed]
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Alehna wondered what it was like for mortals, humans, to look upon the crest of the ocean as it expanded into nothingness beyond its end line where it touches the sky. Did they see in the same color range as her, or was this the only brilliance that they could see? We this all the scale of color they could see?

It was dull and freeing at the same time. To breath in the taint of the mortal plane was nearly as freeing as the limited scope of color. It meant she had made it. It meant that she had escaped her fathers reach if only for a moment. No matter the limits or the range, it was freeing. And she felt joy. her own joy. Not the feeling of anyone else, only her own. She was alone here, she sensed no other emotion near her. Her joy was hers alone and she treasured it.

It took hours for her to leave the crippling gradient of the sunset sky peaking over the beach, a short cliffside that broke one beach to the next, walking her way to where lights dazzled and blinked. Lights tearing into darkness, a dark that did not seem nearly so scary as she had been told of. Stepping along the sands, Alehna saw firepits rise and grow along the crests of the beach, and a bright colored wheel of lights turning in one place. As she came closer, the joy was robbed away as shapes emerged around the fires. Inhuman, broken images.

It startled her. She should fear, anger, malice from these images but it was only joy. Demons, angels, and woodland creatures passing bottles and dancing around fires to this strange music. She stood far from them until someone noticed her. A little deer that ran out to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her in. "Nice Costume! Here!" She blinked and accepted the bottle but did not drink from it. Their entire race owned the mortals with such shenanigans. Confused she copied the movement of the little deer before she could escape as she drapped herself in a laugh on a boy dressed in sloppy jeans, a white top with 'skank' on a golden chain around his neck.

It was a genuinely the strangest thing she had ever seen.

Pulling back, she started to slowly wander the beach, soaking in the emotions. She was not the only one freed that night to do as she wished, everyone here was as well. It was intoxicating. Leaning her head back she laughed and laughed.

Hiding from her father was going to be easier than she thought.


Edward Amell


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Edward detested the holiday.

All the ignorant humans rampaged about, pretending to be part of the world they were so blissfully blind to. It made it easier for the supernatural to hunt, and get away with crimes that would normally draw too much attention. It also made his job infinitely harder. Damn near impossible to hunt when you weren't entirely sure if what you were fighting was true evil.

You could always ask me, you know. If something is "truly" evil.

The strange multi-toned voice of Edward's amulet rang like a chorus of bells in his skull. He gritted his teeth against the sudden intrusion into his thoughts. Kabbalah's Gate had its uses, and had saved his life more times than he could count, but it was also extremely annoying to have it lurking in his mind at all hours of the day.

"Pipe down," Edward growled under his breath, "When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it."

We shall see.

Edward brought the opened bottle of whiskey in his hand up to his lips and drank deeply. He wasn't quite sure how long he had been standing on that beach, watching the sun set, letting the sea wind wash over him. Long enough for bonfires to be built and lit, and for the parties to begin. He could hear them all, and he hated it.

Then, Edward heard a different kind of laughter. He looked towards the source. It didn't sound like the sinister merriment that was drifting over to him from the flames. No. It was sweeter, lighter, full of... something. It was almost... pure.

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As freeing as this space upon the ocean that was lit with numerous colored white, orange and purple lights, Alehna was not immune to the emotions around her. They were overwhelming and intoxicating, but still, she could number them well past the hundreds. Wanting to pull her aura in, it was quick to pick up the searing sense of ... evil. Shadow. Darkness. And the unmistakable source it emanated from. Her gaze drove to a man, tall and dark, with cascading paint along and all over his skin. Though he did not look evil like the devil that danced beside her, there he stood with an aura as dark as the emotion.

Alehna held her breath. Those that danced around her danced without notice, but her in her white stood staring at the darkness in the evil man before her. The moment he noticed her she Blinked.

Blinked a glamour moving her completely from view.

Edward Amell


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Edward found the girl who was laughing, just as she noticed him. She paused in her merriment, and stared at him. He had that effect on people.

Then Edward blinked, and she was gone. His eyes went wide from the sudden unexpectedness of her disappearance, then to the hard stare of a Hunter who knew something was not quite right. His gaze panned the area, searching for the girl.

Edward felt a familiar warmth from the amulet. He knew it was offering him a glimpse into the world he could not see on his own.

"Show me," Edward breathed.

As you wish.

The world grew still, and time slowed. Edward gazed at the spot he had last seen the girl. All at once he was able to see her from the moments before. Then there was a shift, a warp, in the space around her. Then there was nothingness. Edward took a slow breath and willed the amulet to show him her current position, but it could not. It did not have that knowledge. It kept him focused on the place she had disappeared.

As the visions faded, Edward racked his brain as to what the girl might be. There were many creatures that could harness the power of invisibility. Not all of them were unfriendly. It could be possible she made him out for a Hunter and hid out of fear. In his experience, though, it was usually only the guilty ones who ran.

Edward dropped the bottle of whiskey to the sand, not caring if it spilled. He then carefully stalked his way to where the girl had been.

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She caught his attention. It was very clear to her that he most certainly saw her as the surprise at her disappearance made him jump. Hands folded into itself, she stood there watching him for a moment as he continued to start at her, at her spot. His eyes searched her form but without connecting. Could he see me? She thought, stepping carefully around him to the right but his gaze remained. An unknown breath escaped her lips, thankful that her guise worked upon the eyes of these mortal eyes.

"What are you?" She pondered aloud, her gaze looking to the strange bottle that he so carelessly let fall from his fingers. Feeling safe from his gaze, she walked over to the bottle and picked it up. It became included as part of her illusion, disappearing with her, and as she smelled it the putrid scent of it shocked her. A sip, vile and repulsive. Breaking into a rough cough, unaware that her seeming invisibility had dropped. Coughing uncontrollably as her throat burned, tears filling up her eyes.

Oh, how it burned!!!

Edward Amell


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Edward did not go far before he heard a sweet voice on the wind.

"What are you?"

What are you? he thought back, stopping in his tracks.

The sand.

The multi-toned voice urged Edward to look down. He searched, and finally saw it. Footprints. Right next to him, leading... behind him.

Edward looked back to find his bottle of whiskey gone. And then... the girl appeared, coughing a sputtering. He reacted quickly, grabbing at her arm with his left hand, and unsheathing a knife hidden at the small of his back with his right.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Edward demanded of her.

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Alehna thought she was dying. Unable to breathe as the liquid continued to burn through her chest, rough coughs escaping her lungs. Realizing too late that she let down her guard and found herself pulled away from her stance but caught in the grasp of the dark one's grip. Alehna's first reaction was to scream but her voice was stolen away from her with the single taste of his horrible elixir of burning fire. Or Acid. It burned like what she thought Acid might feel like.

Her other arm reached around and tried to pull herself from his grasp, refusing to look up at him though her eyes filled with tears from her pain. Panic filled her mind but she struggled to focus enough to glamour herself, or pull on defensive magic that she never really learned to use in this kind of a situation. Instead, she pushed back on his emotions. Taking what darkness she could feel around her and PUSHED it at him, praying it would be enough to frighten him to let her go.

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Edward was suddenly overcome with an array of overwhelming emotions. Pain. Loss. Rage. Despair. Horror. Everything that he had felt in the moments that he had lost his family, filled him to the brim and threatened to explode.

Going into shock, Edward both released the girl and dropped his knife. He tried to suck in a breath, but choked on it. He fell to his knees and prayed to any diety who would hear him to give him some relief.

This is not real.

Edward heard the amulet, but the words didn't stop what was happening to him. It was deep within himself. Something that never fully went away. He simply could not control his emotions, or beat them back down.

Lacking the ability to properly speak, he drew a deep rattling breath, and screamed his despairing rage to the sky.

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Unprepared for the echo of emotions, her magic as much a two-way weapon - the Fae she was so used to being around did not feel to the depth that this human male did. So used to frustration and shock layered among the surface thoughts, such an attack would normally give her a few spare seconds to make an escape or to swing in retaliation in a spar with an opponent. Not this... overwhelming, drowning sense of pure and unlimited agony of loss.

Hands to her mouth, she stared at horror, handling the emotion enough to keep a sense of herself but not without tears streaming from her eyes. Locked on him, she wanted to stretch a hand out to take it away but she did not trust him enough to dare ease the pain to let him chase her, nor did she trust her own touch. She broke him. Though she knew that the damage was not something she caused, she had ripped him apart at his delicate seams. " I'm so, so soo.. sorry." She whispered. "I can't stay here. It will fade. I promise."

A long hesitation and she pulled at her glamour and with deep regret she ran. Ran as far from his pain, knowing that staying she could not help him either.

Edward Amell


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Edward didn't hear a word the girl said, or was even aware that she had run from him. He was so engulfed in his own pain to be able to process anything else.

However, after a few moments, Edward's warring emotions began to subside. He wasn't sure how long he had screamed, but his throat was certainly raw now, and there was a deafening silence around him. Even the distant crash of the waves had seemed to go mute.

Taking several deep, shuddering breaths, Edward attempted to recover his bearings. There was a humming vibration coming from the amulet.

We are still not alone. Your outburst has drawn the attention of many.

Edward was vaguely aware of the bonfires dotting the beach, of the people standing blankly around him. He mused that he would either get up and escape, end up in a drunk-tank in jail, or a hospital. Escaping was his best option, but in all honesty, he knew he could survive the other outcomes. Not all was lost.

Except the girl.

Pissed off at having lost his quarry, Edward grunted to the amulet, "Fuck them."

Then, without an ounce of grace, Edward's exhausted mind slipped into unconsciousness, and his drunken body collapsed to the sand.