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the future can't all be dark
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ETC is a unique and interactive dark fantasy, kink & M/s rpg. The supernaturals run the biggest hub in the United States, Denver Colorado. Humans and shifters are subspecies and considered slaves! But there is a resistance! “The Rebels” have a camp outside of the city and are growing in numbers!

The future cannot be all dark, but it is in your hands.

premium site | very active | laid back | | lgtbq friendly | kinky fun with many site-wide sub plots, unique surprises and fleshing opportunities |  loads of canons & want ads | shipper app | adult role playing forum | supernatural & player created species | dark fantasy | discord group is an option

Players/characters that participate in activities in game and discord challenges, Cards Against Humanity earn points toward the shop. The shop offers power upgrades and more. You can even create your own species! There is so much to do, and always more being added to the mix!

Come explore your wild side!

Embrace the Chains just got some nifty updates and has been reopened!
Many canon positions needed! Many other influential roles wanted for site wide plots!




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Thanks for the ad!