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Child of the Pure Unclouded Brow
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Susie did not like the tall buildings. Not one bit. Especially with twilight having passed and the long shadows playing tricks on her eyes again. Glancing about she wrapped her arms around herself, feeling the press of a broken paintbrush in the front pocket of her overalls, a reminder of why she'd left her house. Something had broken her favorite paint brush. Well, she couldn't say it was her favorite but it was her most used. All her paint brushes were her favorite. One couldn't just choose one, just as one couldn't just choose a single favorite color. All the colors were important. She wondered about the creation of colors, a small voice whispering near her ears that maybe colors don't exist, perhaps they're just figments of the worlds collective imagination. Unclasping one hand she waved the buzzing bug away from her ear, dismissingi t's words as silliness. This distracted her, however, and she found herself confused.

Where was she going again? What was she looking for? Oh bother. She couldn't quite remember. Turning on her heel she gazed wide eyed around her at all the glowing shop signs. It was... What time was it? She reached for the clunky "smart" phone she had, the case making it feel bigger than it truly was and checked. It read shortly after 8pm. That explained the darkness, and the shimmers of dust glittering around her. Dropping her phone into her pocket, she missed but was too distracted by the colors around her for a moment to notice. That was usual for her. She didn't mind, that was what the case was for. Or so her papa told her. Humming she tried to catch the glimmering lights, and realized they were just dust motes catching the lights of the stores around her. But they made for a beautiful sight.

 ”Isn't that just lovely!” she said dreamily to herself, composing a new art piece in her minds eye as she stood stationary in the middle of the shopping districts sidewalk.

Samuel Gerrard


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The office was quiet, at least for the ears of a human, for Samuel, he could hear the clacking of keyboards..both his own and one of his staff members, He could also hear him breathing, rather slowly and with a tint of weariness about his person. It was Richard, one of his on-staff lawyers...and he had been working late this night so as to sort out the last vestiges of his paperwork for the evening. For the Vampire, that was a good meant he could grab a bite before he locked up. For this night, he had opted to wear a charcoal, three-piece suit with a white double cuffed shirt, a navy tie and a peak lapel jacket that hung from his chair. He continued to wait, until his Vampiric senses heard the sound of small wheels rolling and joints cracking from being suddenly used after hours of disuse. Samuel knew that the time was right, and so he made his move. Opening his door, he saw Richard there; in his early 30s, he was dressed in style similar to that of his boss, albeit, his suit is a light grey whilst the Ruby Courtier's was darker.

"Ah, Mr Gerrard, I've finished my workload...just placed it where James can get to sorting it tomorrow." He smiled in return, "excellent Richard, you've been slaving over that case for months now." It was then that he immediately locked his eyes on the Associate's and being to draw upon his Vampiric abiities. Within seconds, the other lawyer was locked deep within a trance. Immediately, Samuel went to work sating his monstrous appetite; his employee sighed in a rapturous manner as the euphoric bite did its work. Alongside the usual complexities of human blood, the Vampire noted the taste of caffeine and an abundance of fish within Richard's blood. Once he was content with his fill, he tore himself away and used his blood gifts to heal the bite mark on the Associate's neck. The blood of the Ruby Court screamed within his veins, demanding that he finish his meal off in one fell swoop; as usual, he quashed it, knowing full well that eating one of his members of staff would be unproductive to say the least. Samuel then snapped his fingers, thus breaking Richard from his trance.

"Whuh, wah?" The Ruby Courtier chuckled, "wow mate, you must be really knackered...go home, boss's orders!" This elicited a chuckle from the Associate. Minutes later, Samuel would be turning everything off and locking every door that hadn't been done so. After all that was done, he exited the building with his jacket in hand. His apartment was only a few blocks away, proved handy when needing to zip between home and work as necessity demanded. The Partner found his route going through market square; his sense of smell picked up the delightful scents that the produce had left behind in their wake. Samuel slowed his pace considerably, letting all of the sensations enter him. From the outside, there would be a look of bliss on his face as he reveled inwardly. Of course, he would find himself snapping to attention as he drew near the road. From where he was stood, he could see a young woman looking dreamily above. Feeling a twinge of concern, having seen enough of people acting in such a way as a result of being high. Once it was time to cross, the lawyer made his way over to her; clearing his throat, he spoke in that quintessential English fashion.

"E..excuse me miss?" he began, "is everything alright with you?"

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