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Tabitha Rook


Tabitha Rook
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Tabitha Rook28 - Crow - Jenna Dewan

Full Name
Tabitha Cadence Rook
Twenty Eight
Therianthrope - Crow
Power Level
Jenna Dewan


Rook Family Tree
A Murder of Crows


Tabitha is at the top of her game. Or, at least she should be. Always feeling like she needed to shine brighter than all others, naturally, she took every possible acting and dance class that they could possibly afford. She was very much the drama queen, unintentionally, always going out of her way to 'help people' or 'share information' whether it was actually necessary or not. Nosy in the way of wanting to learn all the things she could, she also picked up a version of mimicry much like a crow would mimic the call of other birds. A handy tool in her toolbox for auditions when it comes to accents. So, why isn't she getting those roles? Barely making enough to pay off student debt, she still lives at home - resentful - while attempting to make it big in the movie industry.

She loves shopping, hanging out with her friends, drunk karaoke, and rating the men in bars by types of chocolate bars.


Tabitha is the third daughter of many daughters in the Rook family. Her family has always been quite insular as their bloodline was cursed many, many generations back and shows in their therianthrope crow form. Not that all curses are easy to see on the surface. Her parents are a mated pair and have grown for themselves a fair dynasty out of thievery and general trickery. A common weakness among their kind, something that likely got them into such a mess that involved curses. But, for the most part, the daughters each took this warning of the curse to various levels of heart, or not at all, and have lived what life any normal girl would want to live.

For Tabitha, this meant working as an Actress in Hollywood. At an early age, she always had a flair for a certain level of dramatics, lying easily as breathing were she had never read a script. Her talent for Mimicry, common among crows, gifted her with a voice that could become many voices and perfect pitch when singing. Talents that lead her into working as a vocal talent as a relatively young age - though never enough that it really got her famous. Tabitha wanted to be a household name, but really? The games and commercials she worked on were a pittance to what she wanted and after high school, she set her eyes on CalArts and splitting her time there and at UCLA taking on every possible art program that would teach her tools to diversify and grow her natural talents.

The problem for her stemmed less at her talent and more at her curse. Weaker than most of her sisters, she was often forced into her crow form three days out of any lunar cycle, limiting auditions and booth-time in such a way that it started to become frustrating when booking auditions or finishing out projects. Losing out on a few projects just because she couldn't be flexible with a director's schedule.

One year out of school, she still lives at home trying to save up for a place of her own. Committed to being able to support herself without falling into the habits of her parents and a few of her sisters. Tabitha is rather envious and a little bitter that her two older sisters have grown to be quite successful in their own adventures - also able to control their shifting far easier than Tabitha can. However she is commited to make this work, trying very desparately to keep what sticky hands she does have out of trouble. It is a good thing she isn't seeking a job in retail. Working a money til on a daily basis would literally kill her.


Enhanced Physiology
Beast Shape - Crow
Regenerative Healing Factor
Unique Species Ability

Moon Called
Wolfsbane Poisoning
Silver Weaponry
Electric Shock

Control of Shapechange


Not the weakest of shifters, of her family Tabitha feels more comfortable in human form. Given that, she has a natural talent for Mimicry (the action or art of imitating someone or something) that has helped her land a few promising voiceover work, specifically in accents and as an unsigned background singer.

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